Application of Vision Measuring System

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Vision measuring systems have been widely used in the measurement of electronics, PCB, machinery, punching machines, hardware, plastics, aviation, defense, instruments, watches and so on.


More and more precise workpieces require more accurate and advanced gauges to detect. The image measuring instrument is based on the CCD image, combined with the spatial geometry operation of the computer software, and the data is processed by the captured image, and expressed in the form of charts, texts, tables, etc., for people to use.


In the mold industry vision measuring system occupies a more important position. Mold design, model mapping, mold processing, mold inspection and more. All these require vision measuring systems for high-precision measurement and inspection, including measurement of a series of data such as size, flatness, angle, roundness, and height. The demand determines the continuous updating of the equipment, and the measuring instrument not only offer higher precision but also greatly improves the efficiency.


In modern industry, vision measuring instruments, with their unique characteristics, bring safety and reliability to the production of manufacturing products. The instrument is used in industries such as electricity to bring us a wonderful and convenient life.

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