Education FDM 3D Printer

Education 3D printer is a desktop 3D printer serie for the education industry, with ultra-high cost performance. 
The modular design of nozzles can realize two-color printing or printing of soluble supporting materials.




* Features:
- Industrial grade 3D printer accuracy, minimalist industrial design.
- Uninterrupted printing for over 72 hours, quiet, stable and durable.
- Imported screw and bearing, wear-resistant for a long time, guarantee high precision printing.
- Lighting system: LED secondary protection human eye design, anti-glare, low energy consumption.
- Reliable cross structure ensures precision, nozzle module is manufactured by mould,  high stability.
- The height of nozzles can be switched to prevent from interfering with each other when printing.
- Modular nozzle, perfect plug-in design, easy to change nozzle.
- Replace the nozzle without a screwdriver, directly plug it, no pressure on the novice.
- The nozzle is made of brass and mould, long-lasting printing.

- The dual gear extrusion mechanism manufactured by mould has good stability, skid prevention and modular           replacement.         

- The printing platform is made of high borosilicate glass, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, high         strength, low expansion rate and easy disassembly.                                

- Aluminum substrate heating platform, fast heating, stable temperature.
- One button active leveling.
- Support SD or USB direct printing, power failure continuous printting, Broken material detection.
- 3.5-inch color touch screen, minimalist design, ergonomic, high sensitivity, easy to operate.
- Print mode:
       Mode 1: Two-color printing.
       Mode 2: Solubility support printing, support without manual removal.



* Specification
Model  Education Education Plus
Print technology FDM
Print volume (Single head) 200*200*200 mm 200*200*300 mm
Print volume (Dual head) 180*200*200 mm 180*200*300 mm
Print accuracy ±0.1 mm
Supported materials PLA /H-PLA (TEM resistance 100℃)  PLA-CF/PETG-CF/PETG/TPU/PVA/PVB/WOODPVA
Plataform heating temperature 20℃-100℃
Print speed Up to 300 mm/s
Layer thickness 0.06 mm-0.4 mm
Nozzle temperature 180℃-260℃
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Consumable 1.75 mm
Operating software Cura, Repetier, Slic3r, Simplify 3D, KISSlicer, etc.
Power requirement 100-240 V; 50-60 HZ, 350 W
Average operating noise 50 dBA
File format STL, OBJ




Printing Samples