AIM-P Automatic Vision Measuring System

Adopting core components of top brands in the industry.




* Features

- The base, post and platform are all made of natural marble, with high precision, no deformation and strong stability; 
- Adopt full closed-loop servo control technology, with stable operation, low noise and fast operation speed;   
- The bottom light and the surface light adopt adjustable LED cold light sources to avoid secondary deformation   of the workpiece caused by temp change, and the light source is 3 rings and 8 divisions;  
- Using 750TV high definition color CCD, the imaging effect is better;
- Adjustable fixed-position card continuous zooming lens, optical magnification is 0.7X-4.5X, and the image magnification is 30X-200X;
- KEYENCE laser scanning system and RENISHAW probe system is optional .   
- The Z-axis "zero-segment difference technology" ensures the plane accuracy consistency of different focal lengths;   
- Program automatic measurement, automatic focusing, automatic edge finding and automatic program-controlled lighting to reduce manual intervention;




* Specification

Model AIM-322P AIM-432P AIM-542P
Measuring Range 300*200*200 mm 400*300*200 mm 500*400*200 mm
Dimensions 1200*700*1650 mm 1350*900*1650 mm 1450*1000*1650 mm
Load Capacity 30kg
CCD 750TV high definition industrial CCD
Camera STEP-ZOOM fixed-position card continuous zooming lens, 0.7-4.5X
Operation System AI-CNC 3D
Power Supply 220 V±10%  50/60 Hz
Resolution of grating scale 1 um
Accuracy X/Y (3+L/200) um
Repeatability 3 um
Working Environment Temp 20-25℃, Humidity 50%-60%





* Applications

Mould and Machining Industry


Metals and Plastic Industry


Electric and 3C Industry