LTOP Structure Light 3D Scanner

Higher resolution solution.
        Reference Price: USD 8800-USD 9800
        Blue/White Structure Light 3D Scanner
        For scanning and modeling of small and medium-sized parts/electronic products/clothing and footwear/process consumer goods.




* Features
- Leading 3D Scanning System 
- High accuracy and resolution 
- Flexible Modular System Construction 
- Various Measurement Strategies and Application Fields 
- Support 3D measurement and 3D printing
- Compatible with inspection and reverse engineering softwares: Polyworks, Geomagic, UG, CATIA, PTC, Alais, etc.




* Specification

Model LX-10 LX-20
Light Source Structure Light
Measuring Rate 1.8 second per scan 1.3 second per scan
Resolution 1,300,000 points/scan 2,000,000 points/scan
Accuracy 165mm diagonal view:15 um 207mm diagonal view:10 um
310mm diagonal view:25 um 379mm diagonal view:20 um
455mm diagonal view:50 um 647mm diagonal view:40 um
Output Format Asc,Stl,Ply,Obj,etc.
Workstation Windows 7 (64bit) operation system, INTEL Quad-Core 2.8GHZ CPU or above, 4GB memory or above,1MB graphic card or above, 250GB hard disk or above.



* Applications:

3D Scanning of Fine Plastic Parts


3D Scanning of Car Steering Wheel


3D Scanning of Clothing and Footwear Industry


3D Scanning of Toys and Crafts