KSCAN20 Series Handheld 3D Scanner

KSCAN20 is a professional 3D scanner with the widest applications. 
KSCAN20 integrates photogrammetry function and dual laser scan mode which are global initiative technologies.
KSCAN20 combines high efficiency and ultra-detail benefitting from dual laser scan mode.
The built-in photogrammetry function greatly expands the scan area and improves volumetric accuracy.




* Features
- Ultra-high Precision: accuracy up to 0.02mm, with built-in photogrammetry, the volume precision is 0.035mm/m.
- Two Scan Mode: fast switching of two scanning modes of red and blue laser, portable and high resolution.
- High Resolution: resolution up to 0.01mm, details can be clearly obtained.
- Widely Used: can scan objects of different sizes, providing a full-size solution from 0.02m to 10m scanning.
- Efficient Scanning: optimize each scanning process in depth, scan rate 1,300,000measures/s. 
- Support with probe: portable CMM that moves around with flexible and convenient operation.
- Support intelligent boundary detection: rapidly and accurately obtain hole location with vision measuring.
- Intelligent light band: intelligent switching of different colors makes the operating easier.
- Flexible operation: hand-held scan, portable and flexible, no limitations in narrow spaces scanning.


* Specifications:

Model KSCAN20
Scan mode Standard mode R Hyperfine mode B
Laser source 7 red laser crosses(+ 1 extra line) 5 blue parallel laser lines
Accuracy Up to 0.02 mm
Built-in photogrammetry Support
Volumetric accuracy  0.02 mm+0.035 mm/m 0.01 mm+0.035 mm/m
(based on part size)
Volumetric accuracy with        high-precision reference bar 0.02 mm/m (Optional)
Measurement resolution 0.050 mm 0.010 mm
Measurement rate 650,000 measures/s 650,000 measures/s
Laser class 2M(eye-safe)
Scanning area Up to 550 mm × 600 mm
Stand-off distance 200 mm ~ 420 mm
Depth of field Up to 550 mm
Portable CMM Optional
Single point repeatability 0.03 mm
Intelligent edge inspection Optional
Edge accuracy 0.030 mm
Software ScanViewer
Piple inspection in software Optional (support YBC/LRA data)
Output formats .stl, .ply, .obj, .igs, .stp, .wrl, .xyz, .dae, .fbx, .ma, .asc
Interface mode USB 3.0




                       Fixture scanning and inspection                                             Heavy machinery scanning and inspection


                           Tire scanning                                                                           Car body scanning                                            Body assembly                                                                                                                                                                                                                    inspection tool cubing