EasyTom S Compact X-Ray Micro CT System

Compact and highly versatile X-Ray Micro CT System




* Features

Top Performance 
- Micro-focus Generators: Outstanding CT Resolution 2 µm  
- High speed Detector: Fastest scan 6 sec.


High Flexibility

- Large inspection volume (Ø x H):    185 mm x 390 mm 
- Easy integration: Small footprint - Plug & play   
- Designed for multiple applications: Different configurations available


Maximum Efficiency

- Enhanced mechanics: long-term stability granite axes 
- Automated scanning reconstruction and inspection workflow   
- Multiple acquisition modes: Conventional, helical, shift, stack …   
- High availability: low maintenance downtime



* Specification

Scanning Capabilities   
Highest resolution  2 µm (JIMA & QRM Charts)   
Maximum scanned volume  (Ø x H)*  185 mm x 390 mm   
Maximum sample weight  5 kg   
* The sample size can exceed the maximum scanned volume   
Mechanical Specifications    RX SOLUTIONS SOFTWARE: X- ACT
Cabinet dimensions            (H x W x D) 1865 mm x 1325 mm x 890 mm    Radiography
Total weight of the system  1020 kg    Radiography filter enhancement 
Vertical Axis  300 mm    2D video sequence acquisition 
Lateral Axis  200 mm    3D measurements 
Zoom Axis  466 mm    CT Acquisition 
Generator to detector distance  590 mm   CT Acquisition Modes: conventional, helical, stack, laminography, continuous or step by step rotation 
      Ergonomy: wizard mode for non experts, automation mode for single click acquisition to inspection workflow 
X-ray Generator      Radiography filter enhancement, 2D video sequence acquisition, 3D measurements 
Microfocus sealed tube  Option 1     Option 2      Option 3   
Maximum voltage  110 kV        130 kV         150 kV    Automatic black & gain calibration and sample repositioning 
Maximum power  16 W           39 W            75 W    CT Reconstruction
Minimum focal spot size  2 µm           5 µm            5 µm   Real time artefacts corrections: focal spot drift, ring artefacts, beam hardening, phase contrast 
X-ray Detector   Easy and intuitive 3D optimization of the reconstruction volume using test slices 
Flat panel                              (Other detectors available on request) Active area         20 cm x 25 cm    On the fly reconstruction of a running acquisition
Pixel pitch          127 µm    WORKSTATIONS 
Pixel matrix        1920 x 1536    System-integrated acquisition workstation  
Frame rate         1-60 fps   Standalone reconstruction workstation with powerful GPU


X-Act: RX Solutions Proprietary X-  Ray Imaging Software


          Before Correction                  After Correction                                          Without Filter                             With Filter  
                        Beam Hardening Correction                                                             Radiography Filter Enhancement


* Applications

Defect Analysis: Pore, inclusion, crack ......


 Internal structure inspection: metrology


 Microstructure Analysis of Materials


     Analysis of Internal Structure-Fiber Orientation


          Analysis of 3D Printing Structure: Quality Control Inspection