EasyTom High Resolution CT System

High Resolution X-Ray Micro or Nano CT System




* Features




- High resolution 3D µ Computed Tomography 
- Real time high resolution 2D digital radioscopy 
- Micro or nano and combined versions available 
- Voxel resolution down to 350 nm/voxel 
- Large inspection volume (diameter x height : 320 mm x 420 mm) 
- Programmable automatic control cycles 
- Possible in situ µCT 
- Great versatility for a wide variety of applications and analyzable products 
- Lead / Steel construction and X-ray safety interlocks, designed to meet X-ray safety regulations  
- Open and comprehensive system, with programmable automatic control cycles



* Specification

Technical Specifications
Safety Cabinet  • Footprint: 2100x1100x2000 mm 
• Lead / Steel construction and X-ray safety interlocks, designed to meet X-ray safety regulations. 
• Motorized door with automatic locker during X-Ray emission. 
• Large scanning volume (diameter x height): 320 mm x 420 mm 
Mechanics  • High accuracy motorized rotation and translation axis. 
• Imager lateral and vertical shift option for enlarged field of view and decreased ring artifacts. 
• Air-bearing rotation stage option, takes up of sample weight. 
X-Ray generator Several options and combinations available: 
• Sealed or open type micro-focus tube 
• Open nano-focus tube (160 kV) 
• Voltage up to 230 kV (several options available). 
• Resolution down to 400nm/voxel 
• Various targets and filament types available. 
Imager Several options and combinations available: 
• High resolution flat panel detector 
• Large area flat panel detector 
• CCD sensor 
Computers  • Various powerful GPU(s) configurations available. 
• PC, High resolution display screen, Windows 10. 
Softwares RX Solutions X-Act software: 
• Independant plugins to drive generator(s), imager(s), axes... 
• Other plugins available for : dimensional measurements, video sequence acquisition, image filtering and processing, image export... 
• CT acquisition :    -  advanced plugin with options (360° rotation, helical, continuous rotation, laminography...) 
• Learning/Macros mode from automated workflow. 
• CT reconstruction: GPU implementation including various filters 
Post-processing software: 3D vizualisation, metrology, CAD comparison, defect analysis: in option


* Applications

Defect Analysis: Pore, inclusion, crack ...... 


Internal structure inspection: metrology


Microstructure Analysis of Materials


Analysis of Internal Structure-Fiber Orientation


     Analysis of 3D Printing Structure: Quality Control Inspection